Official thanks

ASV Trailer Export and Import Gmbh has the honor to express its gratitude and congratulations to SANTI SPA on the reason of purchase of the 10000th tank semi-trailer. We were extremely lucky to get this gift from you. A chance like this is unique.

For us, this event is significant. We value our partnership with you and are grateful that we have the opportunity to develop and enforce together our dealership. Promotion of SANTI products is always performed in a sensitive daily dialogue, and we are glad that we have built friendly and effective communications in the common interests.

We are happy to help strengthen your company's reputation and increase its profitability. And will always appreciate the trust and attitude shown to our clients.

For you, the production of the 10000th tank is an important milestone, an indicator of constant growth of innovations, team qualification and compliance with the quality policy. This is proof of the stability and the old history of your enterprise, which today plays a big role in the real economy of Italy and provides the food sector in many countries.

Russia is a new chapter in the annals of the SANTI factory, and we are writing every page of this chapter together. Getting this tank in 2020 is a good sign. This year, we are preparing to increase sales in Russia thanks to our active marketing activities in 2019. And in 2021, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our cooperation, consolidating it with the results of this year.

This tank is an addition to the number of tanks that have already been delivered to Russia and are working on the national food market. We receive only positive feedback from our customers and we are happy to create the future market with you now. Every newborn tank is a step for the progressive expansion of the SANTI brand in the world, the proof of recognition from the market operators, a new stone in the base of the image and the history of your factory.

We are pleased to note that the SANTI factory fulfills all its obligations given to its dealers, and this tank was delivered as always on time, despite the economic recession in Europe and the quarantine in Italy, thanks to the devoted and hard teamwork of your employees and administration.

It is particularly important for us to stress that we were worried about each other and provided mutual support during the threat of coronavirus, and our military doctors and specialists of the Chemical and biological protection Forces, sent from our country, provided fraternal assistance to the Italians in the area of Bergamo, Brescia in the epicenter of the virus spread.